Dr. Visit

Day 2!

Well- I will never forget the day that my husband was going to visit the kidney dr. for the first time.  He had always had his kidneys checked with our regular dr., but now he had to see the kidney specialist.

The same dr. had helped with his mother’s kidney transplant several years earlier.  After he finished with his exam, the dr. looked at me and said, “you know there is no cure for this disease right?”  Those words did not sit well with me!  Who is he to tell me that Timmy is stuck with this PKD!  NO WAY!  He will beat this!

So every appointment after that, the dr. kept reminding me that “there is no cure for this”, but we were not settling for that answer.  Timmy fought every day to keep his illness away.   He watched his blood pressure, took vitamins, ate cranberries, stayed away from aspirin – did everything possible – but it wasn’t enough.  Those stupid, yet important kidneys were getting the best of him.

Some days just made us mad- but we took each day ONE DAY AT A TIME.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Visit

  1. Who is that doctor to tell you that there is no cure? I know that is his job, but I am sure it was very hard to hear. You are such a strong woman! Keep looking on the bright side!


  2. I think there are better ways for the doctor to communicate with you! Geesh!

    What a great idea to use your blog and this challenge to spread awareness about PKD! I’m looking forward to reading more Slices and learning more about your lives, living with this disease. What a strong couple you guys are!


  3. “We took it one day at a time”….the only way to do it! All the stress of that time could make that so hard to remember, but you did…you took it one day at a time! Love this Slice!


  4. I can’t even imagine a doctor saying, “You know there is no cure?” It seems like there could be a gentler way to share the truth. I’m waiting for the next installment– from one of your commenters, I am getting the impression that your husband did get a kidney, but I sure didn’t have that feeling when I finished reading your slice tonight. Looking forward to learning more about PKD.


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