Another Dr. Visit

So here we sit in the Dr. office again.  I know he will tell me again “There is NO Cure.”

But this visit was different….. today was the day –

“The time has come that you need to choose a transplant hospital.”  the Dr. Says.

We both look at each other and think the same thing…. “we can’t do this” – NO!

Timmy’s numbers were creeping down to the bad level.  It was time to visit the “specialist.”

So….  we like it or not…. here it comes!  So Loyola was the only choice, since that is the hospital that his mother had a transplant in over 15 years ago.

Not Fair!   Stinks!   WHY ME!  STUPID PKD   😦

More research….now… how to get on the list

New Goal: Getting on the transplant list….

We can’t let PKD win…..  Keep on fighting – One day at a time


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