Not What We Expected!

I think I forgot to mention – We have bad luck!  If things are going to go wrong, it will happen to us!

With that being said…..

Loyola Visit #1

They told us to expect to be here for a few hours…. they lied!

They told us to bring a snack….. they lied!

We show up – head to the 3rd floor – and sign in.  Feeling a little nervous as we sat and waited for his name to get called.    Finally we are taken back with 3 other people.  All of us and placed in a closet (ok it was a very narrow room) where we would be stuck for the next 4 hours.  When I saw narrow…. it was wide enough for the long table with chairs around it…. if anyone needed to get up…. we all had to get up.  So what does Timmy have to say …. I hope no one farts!

We heard all about transplants, kidneys, and a lot of other gross details I care not to share!

Finally after 4 hours, they send us to an individual room.  This is when the real fun begins!  They hung a checklist on the door.  We would need to meet with 9 people before we could leave.  Now, when you think of specialists you think…. wow these people are great!  Right?  umm….. nope

#1 Kidney Dr…… Comes in coughing  and has a hunchback…     She is the nicest lady, but between her coughing and wheezing – we can’t understand a word she says!

#2 Don’t remember what she was….. but she comes in with a broken arm…. asked the same questions and left.

#3 Nutritionist….. yelled at him about his weight and handed him a piece of paper with a plate on it… SMALL SERVING SIZES! Gave him No real plan of action!

#4 Coordinator….. Great Guy…. Told him  he needs to loose weight…. get rid of all this water weight!  (DUDE… he has a kidney disease this is why he has water weight!)   Ready to run out……

#5 Social Worker… came in a wheelchair…. hit everything she passed including my toes…. asked the SAME 900 questions….

#6  Surgeon….. at this point if he/she walked in with a problem – WE WERE LEAVING!!!!! Thank goodness – he was not missing an arm!

# 7 # 8 # 9 All a blurr…… by this time it was 4:30 …. no real food… just snacks….. we need to get out…

Finally 5:00…. get to leave feeling confused, weak, and worried this was the worse place ever!  What next!

This was NOT What We Expected!


5 thoughts on “Not What We Expected!

  1. Twilight zone is right- the meandering frustrating world of dr. visits and hospital corridors- ugh. Hope you find some answers and peeps with some decent bedside manners!


  2. I agree with spiffygryphy above – sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone! It’s almost comical, although I’m sure it wasn’t for you at the time. Sounds like an SNL skit!


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