This time was not the time.

This time we hoped, but it was not the time

This time we looked toward the future, but it was not the time

This time we had a crazy adventure, but no good news

This time we were told 3 things….

1. You must loose 90 lbs

2. You are not “sick” enough

3. You cannot be put on the national transplant list

PKD stinks!  Kidneys 22% functioning right now…. not sick enough??! His kidneys weight 40 lbs together… cannot get rid of that weight….

This time there was little hope.

New Goal: Loose more weight…..Get sicker?

This time was not the time 😦


10 thoughts on “Time!

  1. Maybe not THE time, but sounds like such a HARD time. I’m wanting the end of March to come so we can know how this turns out. Or maybe it hasn’t resolved and we won’t know anything!


  2. Wow. This sounds so discouraging. I was reading the headings at the top. You obviously have a choice about being strong or giving up, but I see you choosing strength. I wish I had some magical words of encouragement.


  3. Argghhh– how frustrating. I agree with Carol, this is a HARD time. You’re managing to keep your head above water it seems. Your writing on this topic is great- I just wish the topic didn’t exist for you!


  4. Well, it appears that I’ve come in “in the middle of something” based on some of the other comments. I need to go back and read to “catch up”. What I can tell is that you and your loved one are navigating some very tough “time”s. I can also tell that you are frustrated, irritated, but also determined and resolute. I can tell that you are a powerful writer, and I’m betting an equally powerful person. I will be praying for you, and for YOUR time to come soon.

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  5. Reading about this journey you’ve been on is so touching. You are such a strong person and a strong writer! Thank you for sharing and making us aware of what PKD is.


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