Good News/Bad News

It’s a number game!

So good news…. you have lost 87 lbs!  Great Job!

Good news….. you are the healthiest PKD patient we have seen!

Good news…. there is no reason you should not be put on the “List”…..However *********

Bad News…… your kidney function is at 22%….. in order to get on the list we need your function to be at 20% (FYI…Regular kidney function is 100% or close to it)

WAIT!  I remembered that the last regular kidney Dr. visit just last week  …. it was at 20%!  (Yes… we are cheering for a lower kidney function… sad really)

I tell the coordinator that his regular kidney dr. should have the results…. it is at 20%…… please check….

The team decides to check on this before making a decision….

Good News!  The results are in 20% kidney function! YES! YES! YES!

Then, after waiting 4 days…. the team votes on his case…. Timothy you are sick enough to be placed on the National Kidney Transplant List.  November 2013 – He is placed on the “list”

PKD…. you stink – but he is one step closer to fixing you!

Tears, happiness, sadness, and fear…. all wrapped up

Emotions flying …. not sure how to feel.

New Goal….. What’s next…. we have NO IDEA!  Just Happy for now!


5 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. Man, your title says it all! I guess when you are dealing with something like this, good news is all relative and good and bad emotions go hand in hand.


  2. The emotion in this piece is front and center. You beautifully craft a piece that share the emotion, the timeline, the feelings and the illness and its challenges. Good luck.


  3. I really like your choice of formatting for this post. The reader gets to feel your anxiety and the tension of the situation. The ellipses make it seem like you (and the reader) are floating through this difficult time.


  4. Every time I read your slices I just keep thinking, Man! What an excellent advocate she is for her husband! This is exactly what he needs. When patients are in the thick of things they can’t think of the important stuff – like you did with the 20% functioning. I’ll bet you had that written down somewhere, too. Cuz that’s what advocates do 🙂


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