New Goal!

Now that he make the “list”

What do we do now….

Wait…. wait…. wait….. that is all we can do is wait.

Worry…..Worry…. Worry….. we worry about the future.

The hospital suggested to create a “Find A Kidney Page” for him… we think about it.  Should we create a page and ask people to be a living donor?  Who would want to do that for him?  We don’t like attention brought to ourselves.  We are taking this one day at a time.  We don’t want to answer question about this PKD.  After a few months of thinking, we decided to take action….

so “Find a Kidney for Timmy” page was created

Within 2 days he had 87 likes – friends/family and even strangers – it was amazing the amount of support we received.

The truth is….  if he can get a living donor it will be much better than if he has to wait the 5-6 years on the list for a cadaver kidney.  If you do not know about living donors, let me give you a lesson.  Living donors willingly give someone a one of their kidneys.  A person can live a healthy live with just one kidney.  They can donate the other kidney to the sick person.  If he can get a kidney before he ends up on dialysis it would be much better for him.

Now… if only we can find a living donor.  The search begins.

New Goal: Finding a Kidney


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