Being on the “list” is hopeful but stressful at the same time….

After posting the find a kidney page…. a friend came forward asking about being a living donor…

There was hope…. she called the hospital only to find out that she could not donate due to her current health issues.

Can’t be mad… at least she tried!

A few months go by and another one tries…. she calls…. but “not a match”

Just when hope is there – hope is taken away!

No time for stress just need to stay hopeful.

A few months later, we find out that there is a friend who calls… and is waiting to hear what the hospital says.

Will she be a match?

Will she be the one?

Can she help him?

So many questions… not enough answers.

Hopeful but scared to death…

So we wait again

What will happen?

Match or no match – that is the question.

Waiting – hoping

Waiting – hoping

Waiting – hoping


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