Will he make it?

As we wait for the decision – is she a match or not – he is getting sicker

The question remains will he make it?

Will today be the day his kidneys have had enough?

Will today be the day he winds up on dialysis?

Will he make it?

After waiting a few weeks, we get a call from the lady who got tested, she wants to meet for dinner. No idea if she is a match or not.

So we meet….. and she tells us she got something for us….


Sitting in shock….. we both burst into tears… WHAT?

The she simply says “I don’t want Eddie to loose his daddy”

So the question is still will he make it?


6 thoughts on “Will he make it?

  1. Wow. So happy for the match. I hope it all goes well. The transplant teams really know their stuff. Amazing. My mother got a match after being on dialysis for two years. “I’m all caught up on my reading,” she’d say. It was a miracle, like winning the lottery, even though not for the deceased donor.


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