The Call

After spending months wondering if it could happen…. we got the call.

However, it wasn’t like you are thinking….

It was not sincere, nor was it sentimental, nor was it a “heart to heart” talk….

It went more like this….

Hey…. it’s yours if you want it…”

Um… what…”

Ya- the kidney…. it’s yours if you want it

Ok…. you sure?”

“Yep…. they said you can have it

You can change your mind you know

UM…. NO!  I just spent months going through the most ridiculous tests…. NO!” “You are taking it!”

She went on to explain that she had to talk to a psychologist to make sure she was not “crazy” and knew that giving up her kidney was permanent.  He said to her “How would you feel if he did not take care of himself and the kidney failed?”  Her reply was simple… “well, he can only have one… so it’s his problem!”

Now she knows Timmy and knows that he would never do anything to harm her kidney if he gets it…. so the whole conversation was a joke to her!

So we move forward…. still laughing over this ordeal…. how can you not laugh… when comments are made by her and him regarding “the kidney.”

Now… we wait for the surgery date!


4 thoughts on “The Call

  1. Wonderful! It is funny, I liked, “He can only have one!” , that made me smile. The permanence of generosity can be scary but it must be uplifting at the same time. I don’t know. I liked the dialogue, thank you!


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