One of the hardest things we have had to do through our journey is tell Skoots about his daddy.

Once, we knew daddy had been offered a kidney, we had to explain to the little guy….

Well….how do you tell the little guy that daddy is sick…. he does not look sick

How do you tell him that he needs a new kidney…. he has no idea what a kidney is or does

How do you explain that without this…. daddy will be very sick

How do you explain that we as a family are going to have to be extremely careful with germs…. He is a boy… germs come natural!

How do you explain that while others are worrying about simple everyday life …. well… our everyday life will be changing

How do you explain to him that he will be unable to have friends over due to germs he may come in contact with…

How do you explain all this without making him nervous and have anxiety…

Well… you compare it to hockey of course!  You see Skoots (and us) are huge Chicago Blackhawk fans…. so we needed to explain it in hockey terms….

This problem daddy has is a set back…. just like when Patrick Sharp got hurt…. he was not able to play for a while.  He fought to get better and he did.  We explained that he needed to be strong and a team player.  He needed to be strong for daddy.

Yes… the 10 year old had to have “this talk”  ….

It was difficult and sad, but it had to be done

PKD you really stink making us have this talk….. but Timmy is determined to win


4 thoughts on “Skoots

  1. You and your family did an amazing job having this important discussion with your son. My brother had a transplant 3 years ago at 23 yrs old and was on dialysis for three years. I remember all of the challenges during that difficult time, but still did not understand what my brother really was going through. I hope you all stay strong and I love the determination and fight that I can tell you and your family have. Sending positive vibes your way 🙂


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