Surgery Day!

When you think about surgery day – usually it includes some type of emotion.  Well, we had plenty of that.  Beginning the night before – with the call.  We were mentally prepared until…. the phone rang!  “Hi this is Loyola it’s about your surgery tomorrow.”  “Since the surgery is so close to the holidays, we have to change the operation time…. see we have a problem…. we need the OR (yes that is operating room) for another patient.  This means that we will complete Jackie’s surgery then bring you into the same room and do your operation.”  Timmy simply said “Um…. can you do that??” They reassured that this was an OK plan.  Us – well we were absolutely NOT CONVINCED!  About 5 minutes after getting off the phone, Jackie called.  “Hey, I just got a call from Loyola…”  She did not have to finish because we knew.  She went on to say, “I asked them what are you going to do with the kidney?”  They nicely told her, “out it on ice until we put in it.”  Of course why didn’t we think of that! Clear images of the TV show ER popped into our minds… dropping the kidney on the floor…. yep, that would be our luck!  So after laughing about maybe having a COLD kidney or it falling…. we said our goodbyes until the morning.

Timmy knew that he was still going to be at the hospital at 5:30 am…. he needed to say goodbye to the lady who is changing his life.

5:15am – Parked the car…. ran into Jackie, and walked into the waiting room together.  One who will be giving while the other who will be taking.  Her husband stopping for coffee…. cause you know him and I will need A LOT of coffee today!

Do we cry…. well no…. we laugh…. that is how we handle this situation.  So they take her back and we wait….. until

They call us to go and sit with her.  So the four of us got to “hang out” before the cutting began.  It think the best part was when the Dr. came in and Jackie told him…. you can’t have my kidney unless you take a picture of it!  I want a souvenir!

So she was promised her photo…. and she was gone…. and we wait.

5 long hours…. we wait… until …. they let Timmy go sit in a room to get ready for his part in this swap.

Will it be good?  Still uncertain.   Finally, they take him in at 2:00…… so we wait….

Dr. comes out with news…. Jackie is doing great!  Except, they forgot her picture…. CJ yells you better go take one, or she will want her kidney back!

Timmy is going in…. no news for 5 hours…. then we hear….

HE was a ROCK STAR!  The kidney started working right away!  YEAH!

Before surgery! 10846219_373219256188464_4165951005194793758_n[1]


7 thoughts on “Surgery Day!

  1. Wow, what an incredible story! I love how the humor was able to weave itself into such an emotional day. What an amazing, strong human-to-human connection. Best recovery wishes to all!


  2. “One who is giving and one who is taking”….that is just amazing! What an incredible journey, and I love that you Slice about it!


  3. The way you tell this just has me sitting on the edge of my seat. Very effective. I let out a big sigh of relief when I got to the end. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath while I was reading.


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