20141220_142805After 2 LONG days, skoots finally got to see dad!  This whole process was extremely hard on the little guy!  He just wanted to be with dad!  When Timmy was transferred into a real room, the nurse gave permission for him to come up!  So he got to hang out in Jackie’s room for a bit before dad was settled into his room.  At last, he had TONS of questions and comments for us!  He thought it was cool that he had to wear a gown and gloves.  He got to hang out, watch tv, play the nook, and chat with dad.  This is how he spend his first few days of Christmas break.  He had no complaints other than dad beat him in his game or he could not find his favorite TV show.

He was just happy!

And of course let’s not forget that CJ had to teach him a few tricks for when he got bored!


Great fun!

Hey- one can get a little slap happy after spending 10 hours in the hospital!


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