Genes VS Jeans

As I sit and ponder the last several years, I think of genes/jeans.

Life is like a pair of jeans.

You have the great pair that fits – 🙂

The pair you are stuck with – you know those genes

The pair you put on when you are going somewhere nice – these make you feel great!  Kind of like those people in your life – the only problem is that most of these people are not around when you truly need them.

The pair you take out to wear, but it doesn’t fit – so you throw this pair back and think of all the people that have hurt you in some way.  Shame on them.

The pair that you have to get rid of – just like those people who pull you down instead of lifting you up.  The people you thought you needed in your life.

The pair you wear everyday – it’s you – no need to be fancy, just plain you.  These people love you no matter what gene you have or what jean you wear.

So next time you wear that jean – think of your genes – you are stuck with them, but they do not have to define you.

Allow yourself to be surrounded by people who love and inspire you- who see you for who you are – not who they want you to be.

We have had many inspire us along this journey, some we have know for only a short time, some we have never met, and  some we have know our whole lives, but nonetheless we can choose jeans the jeans that fit us.

Thanks to all who have been our fitting jeans.


6 thoughts on “Jeans

  1. What a great slice idea! I particularly like the, well, the whole middle part of talking about the different pairs. Okay I like the whole thing. Very very true comparison you’ve got there.

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  2. I, too, enjoy the comparison between the different jeans we all have in our closet and the many people we interact with on a daily basis. I’m wasn’t sure I understood the connection to genes, though. After reading those opening and closing lines more carefully I realize these are the pair of “jeans” that you compare inwardly, creating an interesting contrast to the rest.


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