A Year later…

So I have not been on here in a year…. a lot has changed in a year.  For anyone who missed last year, my husband had a kidney transplant.

Oh how life changes after that!

As I sat last night thinking about what I would write about…. I thought about all the good people who have come into our lives.  I also thought about all the things we have not been able to do because of the transplant.  So I decided that I would take this writing one day at a time (since this is how we live our lives now) and decided I will write about the good and bad about the past year.

So here’s to another month of writing!  It won’t all be pretty, but I will give it a shot!



3 thoughts on “A Year later…

  1. Isn’t it absolutely amazing all that can happen in the span of one year?! It blows my mind. All these little days that add up to one year. Thanks for the inspiration. I will definitely write about this in some way. So glad your year has landed on the upside!


  2. So glad your husband was able to get a kidney. I know how that changes life. My neighbor also had a kidney transplant. I will try to follow your journey through this month. (OMG, there are already so many slicing!)


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