This year was about smiling.

After Timmy’s transplant, many people felt that everything was good.  He was all fixed….

well…. yes and no…..

He has an amazing working kidney, however the amount of medicine and Dr. visits are never ending.  And let’s not forget the fact that this kidney can reject at any time.

So I get through by smiling….

Smile when I get zero sleep because I am up worrying…

Smile when we have to wait a day or sometimes days for test results…

Smile when the meds are not right and they need to readjust the amount….

Smile when the hospital says…it maybe rejecting… or maybe not…. we have to wait to see…

Smile while we wait.

Smile during our trips to Loyola – once, twice, or three times a week…

Smile when security gives us a hard time about letting in Eddie because it is flu season and he is just a kid.  (Did I mention that he knows all about germs!??)

Smile because germs are everywhere..

Smile when we are stuck at home because it is “Too windy” to go to the zoo…(In a British voice his coordinator states “You may not go to the zoo… there is too much animal poop in the air.”  – wonderful…. so we stay in.

Smile when Eddie cannot have his friend over due to the fact that their family is getting over a cold.

Smile when I go to work and hear everyone complaining about small things…

Smile because you might need it more than everyone else.

When I walked into the copy room today there was a new sign hanging up….and I thought to myself… this is exactly why I do it!


Even with everything going on, I am proud to say that I make sure to SMILE!



8 thoughts on “Smile

  1. A smile to keep yourself going, and to bring joy to others- wow
    I think I’ll put that sign in our copy room. A great reminder to not worry about the little things and be thankful for everything that is going right

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  2. The bravest kind of smiles…thanks for the reminder to keep our chins up and smile through the tough stuff. What a great way to put what matters into perspective and create your own positive strength! You picked just the right structure to make this mean the most.

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  3. After reading this I think about how much Tim, you, and Eddie are going through daily. Yet, you can keep smiling. Hang in there I am sure there are bright roads ahead!!!


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