Bundt Cake!

For over a year we saw Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Silly?  Not really!

This turned into a joke!

Let me explain…. you see every trip to Loyola was an adventure.  I cannot count the endless trips we needed (and still need) to take to the hospital.  If you think about last winter, you will probably remember all the snow and cold days we had.  There were times we were in the car for 4 – 5 hours!  It might have taken 3 hours to get there and only 2 hours to get home.  But – we couldn’t complain!  They had to check the new kidney.

So we made the best of the trips!

Each trip consisted of us seeing a store in LaGrange called “Nothing Bundt Cakes.”  When I was little I loved bundt cakes!   (and still do)  Eddie thought the store was called “Butt Cakes!”  He insisted that no one would want to eat a “butt cake.”  “Mommy, why in the world did they name that store?  Who would want to get a butt cake?”  After the initial laughter ended, Timmy and I explained to him that this was a type of cake.  He was not convinced.  Trip after trip…. we laughed about the store and the “butt cakes.”

So here we were a year later,  I come home from work to find …. Lisa Phone 2-14 1197

I finally got me my “bundt cake!”  🙂  And it was delicious!


6 thoughts on “Bundt Cake!

  1. Omg. I love those cakes! They just opened one by my mom’s house. I’m glad that during such a tough time you found things to chuckle at. I have to say too that I love the tag on that cake. 🙂


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