Hockey Games!

Kidney Transplants are like Hockey Games!

You start off with a big burst of excitement

* knowing you have a kidney  *the National Anthem playing

Then the puck drop…

*you have to take what comes with the kidney *you never know how the puck will drop

 A score!

* the doc says things are going good  *the team and fans yell


*a minor setback – hopefully fixable *your team has a disadvantage


* Doc says something is wrong *have a seat in that box

Line adjustment

*medication gets adjusted * switch the player for a different one

Off Sides

* body fighting with the new kidney *give that puck back to the other team

Hawks Win!!!

*Kidney Works!  *Chicago Blackhawk fans are Happy! 🙂

Oh and How can I forget the Fight!

*Kidney fights last a lifetime *Hockey fights last like 30 seconds


4 thoughts on “Hockey Games!

  1. What a great comparison! Love how you broke it down into the different parts like that – so smart!

    It’s been a year since I’d seen your blog and was overjoyed to find out your husband had his transplant and was doing well – so happy for both of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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