Hey Vote!

So I remember going to vote with my parents at the park district building growing up.  I always listened when they told me this was an important American thing to do.

You see my grandparents were immigrants.  My grandma and grandpa came to America from the same small town in Italy.  They met here and got married.  Nothing was given to them – they worked hard for what they had.  They were just happy to be in America.  You see back in 1908 and 1913 people came to America for a better life.

So when I became old enough to vote, I did – each time (as long as I was not working!)

After I married my hubby, I had to “force him” to vote.  He did not understand what was so important.  So I explained.

Now when voting comes around, we usually walk to our voting place and place our votes.

Since our son was born, we take him with.  We have begun explaining the importance of voting.

So today as we voted, our son reminded us of all the goofy commercials and political phone calls we have received.  He has a strong opinion for who he does not want to vote for!  (and he is only 11)

As far as myself and my hubby, we know why this is important.  Maybe one day this will help make America what it used to be – “a better life.”

My motto is “you cannot complain about politics – if you do not choose to vote!”

My vote is in, so I have the right to complain if needed.



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