I grew up in a small town.  Everyone knew everyone.  This was a good/bad thing.  You could not do anything without everyone knowing about it, but if you needed support you had it!

Today I received an update on a friend who has been dealing with leukemia.  She was lucky to have received a bone marrow transplant.  It has been 50 days for her.  She needs to make it to 100.  I know she will do it since she is a strong lady!  The amazing thing is that the community is supporting her 100%.  Encouraging, praying, and supporting her!  I am proud to say that is my old community!  To see the support she has received – is overwhelming to me!

This amazing lady prayed for my hubby and checked in on us during our difficult time. You see my hubby was like her in the way that neither one of them looked sick.  No one could believe they were as sick as they were.

I know she will keep fighting – she has a strong community with her every step of the way.  I may not live in that small town anymore, but I am still part of that community.  I am proud to be part of that community.  I wish all communities were like this.  Where people could focuses on others – and not be so self-centered.


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