My mother always told me

My mother always told me if I didn’t have something nice to say… don’t say anything.

Today was one of those days I needed that reminder.

I was shopping- and those of you who know me know I hate shopping….. when I was checking out coloring books.  This man asked me which one would be good…. we talked for a few minutes and then he thanked me for helping him decide.  You see his sister is in a nursing home and the coloring book was for her.

After leaving the store, I began thinking – what is wrong with his sister.  The uneasy feeling was replaced with… at least I helped as best I could.

I think about all the people I talk to daily, or weekly… and how many just have nothing nice to say.  I have no control when it comes to others and their voice, but I can control mine.

If only everyone would listen to my mother.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.


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