20170301_074819With the birthday of one of my favorite authors, I think about change.

I dislike change….

I will not change for you.

I will not change for anyone.

I am me  and that’s who I want to be.

I will continue to be true to myself.

I will continue to care even though you don’t.

I will help others even if it means I don’t have time for me.

I will be a kind friend.

I will be generous.

So remember this, I will not change for you.  I am me and that’s who I love to be! Like it or not you are stuck with me.

I will not change for you….. I will not change for anyone!

A special thanks to 2 amazing friends who needed to remind me of this.  Thank you!  You know who you are.

And of course, I cannot end with without wishing Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss.  Thanks for helping the future thinkers of the world.


5 thoughts on “Change!

  1. Change is a word we often fear, even when it might be helpful, practical, or even necessary. Your post makes me reflect about my own connotations with the word “change” and how to balance my identity with a growth mindset.


  2. A great reminder that we need to be ourselves! I love how you tied in Dr Seuss! Great slice! Can’t wait to read more this month!


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