The Chain Begins

February 28,2017

It begins…. 

The Chain begins.

Messages, texts,calls….begin

Let me explain. When we moved to this house, we had no idea we would need the chain. We have been through too many close calls but we had been prepared thanks to our chain. You see it starts with a simple message,  text, or call which usually begins with…

Did you know. .. there is a tornado watch in our area? A message either received by me or sent by me. An exchange between my cousin, who lives 3 towns away, and me. Once that message is sent…the chain begins. Each one of us has certain people we contact to make them aware of the current weather situation.  The weather  radio turned on, phone charging, flashlights ready, water bottles close by, animals hopefully in the basement- are we prepared for the unknown. 

The Chain continues. .. where is that tornado heading? Updates through the chain. 

Finally the chain gives the all clear! Prayers answered and we miss another. Too bad Jenny wasn’t so lucky this time… how bad is it? She’s alive… but a ton of damage close by. 

The Chain helps us get through another storm. 

The Chain ends until the next time. 


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