Eagles for the Win! 

Well I was going to write about my life, but then I received an amazing message from a good friend.  

You see Jenny was impacted by the recent tornado this week. She was happy to share with me this story.

The eagles…. something no one even though of them that day. The day the tornado ripped through the town. After the storm, people surveyed the area. Houses gone, houses damaged, even a life…maybe two…  just loss. 

Wait! What about the Eagles?  Did they survive?  They were one of the first eagles to be in the wild in a long time…did they make it? Were they strong enough to make it through the tornado ?

Look- they have been spotted- YES! They are rebuilding their nest! Absolutely amazing!  Strengh.

Mother Nature – 0

 Eagles – 1

Eagles for the Win!


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