Life’s Turns

I guess I can write a little –

Let me introduce you to the cats…

Meet Lily, Rocco, and Rusty.

Three cats missing their owners.

Why do we care? Because someone has too!

You see these little cats lost their mama to cancer 7 months ago.  She was their world.  She took care of them always. Now she’s gone.

So their daddy took over and took care of them, but their daddy had a heart attack 9 weeks ago.  He was their world.  Now he’s been out of his house for 9 weeks.  He is temperately gone – healing.

That leaves us.  Eddie, Timmy and I.  Someone had to step in and help.  We have to feed them, play with them, and love them until they get their daddy back.  It’s our job – because someone has to since life took a wrong turn for them.

So we continue – each day – for these 3 Resized_20190217_175230.jpgResized_20190217_175458.jpgResized_20190217_175504.jpg

Because someone has to care!

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