I grew up in a small town.  Everyone knew everyone.  This was a good/bad thing.  You could not do anything without everyone knowing about it, but if you needed support you had it!

Today I received an update on a friend who has been dealing with leukemia.  She was lucky to have received a bone marrow transplant.  It has been 50 days for her.  She needs to make it to 100.  I know she will do it since she is a strong lady!  The amazing thing is that the community is supporting her 100%.  Encouraging, praying, and supporting her!  I am proud to say that is my old community!  To see the support she has received – is overwhelming to me!

This amazing lady prayed for my hubby and checked in on us during our difficult time. You see my hubby was like her in the way that neither one of them looked sick.  No one could believe they were as sick as they were.

I know she will keep fighting – she has a strong community with her every step of the way.  I may not live in that small town anymore, but I am still part of that community.  I am proud to be part of that community.  I wish all communities were like this.  Where people could focuses on others – and not be so self-centered.




This past year has taught me to believe. Believe people are in your life for a reason. 
Believe some are not in your life for a reason.
I’m thankful for all who have stuck by us.
I believe it has made us stronger.
I have to believe since I was told by many not to shrink.
I have to believe it will help me grow.
I have to believe for my sake.

Hey Vote!

So I remember going to vote with my parents at the park district building growing up.  I always listened when they told me this was an important American thing to do.

You see my grandparents were immigrants.  My grandma and grandpa came to America from the same small town in Italy.  They met here and got married.  Nothing was given to them – they worked hard for what they had.  They were just happy to be in America.  You see back in 1908 and 1913 people came to America for a better life.

So when I became old enough to vote, I did – each time (as long as I was not working!)

After I married my hubby, I had to “force him” to vote.  He did not understand what was so important.  So I explained.

Now when voting comes around, we usually walk to our voting place and place our votes.

Since our son was born, we take him with.  We have begun explaining the importance of voting.

So today as we voted, our son reminded us of all the goofy commercials and political phone calls we have received.  He has a strong opinion for who he does not want to vote for!  (and he is only 11)

As far as myself and my hubby, we know why this is important.  Maybe one day this will help make America what it used to be – “a better life.”

My motto is “you cannot complain about politics – if you do not choose to vote!”

My vote is in, so I have the right to complain if needed.



Sometimes I wonder why

Sometimes I wonder can things just be ok

Sometimes I wonder why can’t we have that luck

Sometimes I wonder why we have to struggle

Sometimes I wonder why there is no support

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point

Sometimes I wonder who even cares

Sometimes I wonder can things just be ok

Sometimes I wonder why


Since the transplant I do a lot of cleaning.  A LOT

It is something that just has to be done.

Today, we were going to venture out, but I had to get caught up on cleaning.  Instead we stayed in.

I called a friend for a little motivation…

She told me she would call back in an hour to make sure I was not procrastinating.

And…. she did….

I hurried, and cleaned since I knew she would check up on me.

I tried to procrastinate, but had to stay focused.

Got some done… still have more to do…

Once the weather is better, we can have people over!  This is exciting since during the past year, we had to be so careful with company.

We can finally catch up with some old friends!


So back to my cleaning and organizing… before I get that next phone call.


Now that he is home- since he cannot do the job anymore
He has begun projects.
He works on one everyday.
I never know what to expect when I get home.
This keeps him busy.
Just working and working.
Projects that make him happy.





Well…. at least he is happy and healthy! 



Today I was once again reminded to live each day. Though there have been bumps in the road…. we manage to keep our heads up and remember that tomorrow is never promised. Live today- do what you want – be positive – and spread kindness whenever you can.

You never know the battle someone is facing.  Someone always has it worse.


Technology- I am not a fan!

You know if you unplug it or the battery dies it is no good.

I once lost a final paper at the end of the quarter thanks to technology (and yes it was the night before it was due)

People use technology and forget about humans.

We spend a lot of time at the hospital – the best example I can think of is… once time my hubby was waiting for his blood work and this mother was there with her 2 maybe 3 year old.  She was on her phone- the poor little guy was doing everything in his power to get mom’s attention.  She keep her eyes focused on her phone.  After about 10 minutes the man she was waiting for came out and they began walking away.  Two minutes later, I nicely said to the little boy…”buddy – maybe you should go by your mom, who was on the other side of the hospital wing at the cafeteria.  Yes- I watched as this little boy just wanted to be loved.   Stupid technology

I am sure all of you can relate to the “lady put the damn phone down” in the grocery store.  I just want to grab my milk!  Why are you having a conversation in the middle of the aisle.

Do you need to be on facebook while I am trying to have a conversation with you?

My husband is the biggest gadget boy there is…. he makes fun of me for not wanting to be in the gadget world.

The only things I like about technology….

I can see my cousins and their photos online – since they live out of state- this is a great thing!

I can do my work while I am stuck at the hospital since they have wi-fi.

I guess it is not that bad….

But could people just put down their technology and actually have a conversation with a human?

I know I can!


I got nothing

I don’t want to talk about anything

I got nothing

Nothing to say, nothing to say

I don’t want to talk about anything

I don’t want to talk about the transplant

I got nothing to say

Today I got nothing

Nothing to say