The Call

As I walk in the door, I find out we are waiting on a call.

I wish I could say it is a good call.

A call you look forward to…. but it’s not.

Instead …..

The call you hold your breathe and hope does not come.

The call  that keeps you up all night with worry.

The call that you cannot believe is happening.

The call that makes you jump each time the phone rings.

The call you want to hang up on and pretend it never happened.

The call may be in a few minutes, a year, or a week.

The last call took a few years.

The call before that took about 7 days.

How long will this call take?

I cannot stand the wait…. but I do not want the call to come.

This will make 3 calls in the last month.

The unavoidable call of death.




Mommy and Me

Today was a catch up day…

Catch up on cleaning

Catch up on laundry

Catch up on grocery shopping

Until…. the little guy asked me to come play with him.

He says what about our mommy and me day?

You see we celebrate the time we get to spend together and hang out.

Time to bond…

So everything stops…. So we can have a mommy and me day.

The fact that he still wants to hang out is wonderful.

So together we built a solar powered robot.

Cleaning later

Laundry later…

I will always cherish our mommy and me days.

Eagles Fly!

As I walked around Starved Rock today – I thought of a year ago. A tornado ripped through the area. My heart broke- but then a few days later these pictures were taken (not by me).

I saw hope!

I saw determination!

I saw fighters!

I saw survivors!

To think that after a natural disaster, this was a sign of hope. These eagles were alive and rebuilding. No one was going to do it for them. They would – since they were survivors!

We can each take a lesson from these amazing birds.


Everyone has a story.

My story….

Well it would take years to write it.

People judge everyday.

No one knows the real me.

No one takes the time to get to know the real me.

Stop and appreciate your friends each day.

Don’t wait.

Don’t forget.

Try to understand what others are going through.

Stop and care.

Kindness goes a long way.


“So I stopped at the store and they had baby chicks”

“Wow, that’s cool”

“I was going to bring some home”

“I’m glad you didn’t”

“Come on baby chicks are so cute”

“Yes, but you cannot have a chicken”

“Actually I was going to get more than one”

“You are kidding me – right?”

“No, they were only $2 each!”

“For goodness sake, you do not need a chicken”

“We could have them in the yard”

“So the hawks, outdoor cats, coyotes, and raccoons could have something to eat?”

“No, they would be in a chicken coop”

“And what about our dog?”

“She would love them”

“Yep, love to eat them!”

“You’re no fun”

“Well, you are a DORK and NO you may not have a chicken!!!”

wife 1

husband 0

A Smile

What’s in a smile….

A smile can be a great day.

A smile can mean something wonderful.

A smile can show the world you are loved.

A smile can hide the pain inside.

A smile can be all you need in a day.

A smile can be forever remembered.

A smile can share memories.

A smile can be forced or genuine.

A smile can brighten a day.

A smile will forever be a smile until the smile can no longer be.

A smile will be missed.


The Wall

You stay on your side. I will stay on my side.

I built the wall to keep you out. There are a handful of people allowed on my side. Trustworthy,  honest, friends. They are here for me. 

Fake, untrustworthy, and drama can be found on the other side.  I don’t need you here. I don’t have time for you. 

You see my wall protects me from you. Don’t pretend you care. Don’t treat me nice and then talk about me. You can stay on the other side. There is no room for you on my side.

I am happy being quiet on my side of my wall even if I have to be alone. 

My wall….my rules! 

Eagles for the Win! 

Well I was going to write about my life, but then I received an amazing message from a good friend.  

You see Jenny was impacted by the recent tornado this week. She was happy to share with me this story.

The eagles…. something no one even though of them that day. The day the tornado ripped through the town. After the storm, people surveyed the area. Houses gone, houses damaged, even a life…maybe two…  just loss. 

Wait! What about the Eagles?  Did they survive?  They were one of the first eagles to be in the wild in a long time…did they make it? Were they strong enough to make it through the tornado ?

Look- they have been spotted- YES! They are rebuilding their nest! Absolutely amazing!  Strengh.

Mother Nature – 0

 Eagles – 1

Eagles for the Win!

The Chain Begins

February 28,2017

It begins…. 

The Chain begins.

Messages, texts,calls….begin

Let me explain. When we moved to this house, we had no idea we would need the chain. We have been through too many close calls but we had been prepared thanks to our chain. You see it starts with a simple message,  text, or call which usually begins with…

Did you know. .. there is a tornado watch in our area? A message either received by me or sent by me. An exchange between my cousin, who lives 3 towns away, and me. Once that message is sent…the chain begins. Each one of us has certain people we contact to make them aware of the current weather situation.  The weather  radio turned on, phone charging, flashlights ready, water bottles close by, animals hopefully in the basement- are we prepared for the unknown. 

The Chain continues. .. where is that tornado heading? Updates through the chain. 

Finally the chain gives the all clear! Prayers answered and we miss another. Too bad Jenny wasn’t so lucky this time… how bad is it? She’s alive… but a ton of damage close by. 

The Chain helps us get through another storm. 

The Chain ends until the next time.