How to Prepare

How do you prepare for your life to change?

How do you prepare for a new chance at life?

How do you prepare for the “unknown”?

Will everything go right?

Will there be complications?

Will he make it to the day?

Did I mention the date got moved to January 11th…. Kidney function is now at 15% and dropping….

Will he make it to then?

How do you prepare for him to loose his job he has worked so hard at?  You see he is a truck driver… a very good truck driver who has an amazing record, great customer service…. and everyone likes!  Once he has this kidney transplant… no more CLD for him, which means…. no more driving.  Does he deserve this?  HE has busted his butt for years doing a fabulous job at each company he worked at!  Is it fair that he cannot return to work…. Nope!  But what about having PKD has been fair for him?  HE showed up everyday whether he wanted to go or not!  His boss relied on him!  Now, PKD has to take this away too.

How will he handle having his job taken away?

PKD will not win!  He has a plan!  You see he went to cooking school…. he has plans on opening up a food truck!  Not sure how he is going to get this started…. but we will figure it out because PKD cannot defeat him!


7 thoughts on “How to Prepare

  1. I agree with Kelly! Have him go around to all the schools. I know a bunch of us at Kolmar who are constantly forgetting to pack a lunch and would love to have something like that! I’m praying for you both as well. You are two tough cookies with all you’ve been through!


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