3 words

There are 3 words you never want to hear after having a kidney transplant.

  1. buffet
  2. flu
  3. rejection


#1 NEVER allowed to eat at a buffet again (due to the amount of germs/bacteria that maybe around)

# 2 flu (the Flu can be really cause the new kidney to stop working properly)

# 3 rejection  – unfortunately we had to deal with this one….. Last April, we received a call from the coordinator… saying “You are 45 minutes away…. we need you here in 1 hour”

Yes, hearts sank.

But… we had plans…..

What about Eddie?

We had about 5 minutes to figure it out and get driving.  I had to drive since Timmy’s eyes were filled with tears.  I had no time to panic…. just had to get him there.

Once at the hospital…. we receive no answers… just told that he needs to stay.

Finally, a fabulous nurse fills us in.  Yes, the biopsy showed a rejection.  This can happen she says.  It’s not common, but it happens.  What the heck is that suppose to mean?    Then, she tells us he will be in the hospital for about a week.  Did I mention that he does not feel sick at all?  He was finally placed into a room – but if was a temporary room – he was suppose to get a regular room, but none were available.  So he we were – STUCK- in this room.

The next morning, he was moved to a regular room.  The team came in to give their speech.  This is common, but not too common.

The plan – “The rabbit”

Yes, “rabbit”

And we laugh… are you kidding us???

Answers finally come from his nurse….. the “rabbit” is the nickname given to the medicine they are planning on giving him to stop his body from fighting his new kidney.  You see, this medicine is derived from rabbit t-cells and has been very effective.  It basically kills your immune system again.  They used a different medication after the transplant, but sometimes your body “wakes up” and begins fighting.

Three days of “the rabbit” – caused one massive migraine.

Timmy could not move, sit up, or open his eyes for a day and a half.

But…. “the rabbit” worked.  His body quit fighting, and his headache finally went away.

Rejection is gone…. thanks to “the rabbit” and thanks to “the rabbit” he now understands how my migraines feel and is a lot more sympathetic toward me when I have one.

So we never want to experience #3 again.

  1. buffet
  2. flu
  3. rejection



6 thoughts on “3 words

  1. I can totally relate to your story, My sister had a pancreas and kidney transplant 2 years ago this May. I have definitely heard those 3 words. I am SO glad that everything worked out and hope you don;t have to go through it again.


  2. I started reading thinking, please don’t be 3. I’m so glad you guys made it out the other side. I had to share the buffet part with my husband, who finds them to be cesspools of disgust. This adds to his argument. 🙂

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