Ready or not!

Ready or not here it comes!

Surgery date is approaching: December 18th –

Ready or not kidney is coming!

Transplant team is ready –

Ready or not please don’t get sick

or all this will be postponed

Ready or not sub plans are complete –

Hoping that each student will do their best

Ready or not the future is unclear

Will it be a success or not?

Ready or not bag is packed

What do you need to welcome a new kidney?

Ready or not…. wait…. Little guy was very strong….

but now that the day is approaching…. Little Eddie is not ready….

So many tears and so many fears…. how do you stay strong for him when you are barely strong for yourself?

Ready or not here we come!

Tomorrow’s the day- 5:00 am will be here soon….

Ready or not!

Loyola here we come!


6 thoughts on “Ready or not!

  1. Oh my! There is so much feeling in your poem and the title was so apt — repeating it throughout your poem ratcheted up the tension. It sounds like you’re as ready as you can be. Thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck!!


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