The Sacrifice

11048676_641715819263757_3564506666608384000_n[1]Well, Timmy has a functioning kidney!  If I forgot to mention he actually has 3 kidneys – 2 bad and 1 good.  They are planning on leaving the bad ones in unless they become a problem.  You only need 1 good kidney to live!  The last 3 months have been filled with Dr. and hospital visits.  He came home with 50 pills to take to help regulate this kidney in his body.  He is down to 32 pills a day.  We laugh as he fills his pill box for the week.  He will take medicine for the rest of his life thank to his new working kidney.  This is a small sacrifice for keeping his kidney working.  He is no longer allowed to eat sushi, raw eggs, raw cookie dough, or eat a buffets.  No more flu shots for him…. any little germ/virus can go straight to his kidney and attack it.  As of right now, he is allowed to walk.  He was just told today he can begin riding his bike again- but take it slow!  The kidney takes at least 6 months to heal on the inside.  NO lifting more than 10 lbs.  This sacrifice is to keep that kidney working and healing, so it is worth the many rules.

The hope is that the kidney will last for many years!

Life is crazy right now, but we take one day at a time… each day we sacrifice today hopefully gives us more tomorrows!

The small sacrifice we make – the large sacrifice Jackie made.  She is back to work!  Running – and just finished firefighter training academy.

Donate life = large sacrifice!


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