December 18, 2015

A Year!

Today marks the year anniversary of Timmy’s kidney transplant.  What a year it has been!

So many struggles, so many successes

Today we celebrated LIFE.

Thanks to his living donor he is healthy!

Today was the first anniversary- in the transplant world we call is tranplant-versary!

Some celebrate with cakes or have parties…. but we celebrate by talking to the amazing lady who we are proud to call our friend- his donor!  We laughed and cried with all of the amazing and scary things that happened during the past year.

The best part of the day, was when Eddie (who is 11) made kidney shaped pancakes for daddy!  We cracked kidney jokes all day- and we spent time as a family.

Today we celebrate LIFE.

Some take this for granted- we celebrate every good day!



5 thoughts on “December 18, 2015

  1. Yeah! What a strong kid! We have a 12-year kidney transplant anniversary coming up at my house (my husband received one from my father). It’s inspiring to read your encouraging attitude. Thank you for your wisdom in seeing the good in every day!

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  2. So few words seem to tell a story of several years of struggle, uncertainly, happiness, love, disappointment, optimism… I like the way you started several lines with “Today,” which brought back the focus of the “here and now” and how far you have come and how much you experienced in a rather short time. Thanks for sharing!

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