Here we are stuck with this PKD. Stupid disease….

We were determined to find out about this PKD.  You see Timmy’s family has been stuck with this for many years.

His grandma had it –

His mother has it –

And he was 2 of 5 kids that got the lucky straw – PKD

His grandma was on dialysis for many years, and the day after she passed away – she got the call for a kidney transplant.  too late

He watched his mother suffer on dialysis for over 5 years while she waited for a new kidney.  He always said he did not want that!  No dialysis for me- he was determined to find a way around it.

But he was still stuck with PKD…. this meant one day this would be his fate.

As the years went on… we read all sorts of information about the disease.  We studied the research the PKD Foundation has been conducting for many years.  We read horror stories and unbelievable stories of PKD.  Timmy tried to get into many trials the researchers were working on…. He always got the same response…. You are too far along in the disease, or you are not on dialysis yet.  REALLY?  So we do nothing?

This was not acceptable for us…. so he fought….


6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize this runs in his family! I can’t believe about his grandmother – that is unbelievable. A day late? Wow. Good for you guys – you are NOT giving up. I’m cheering you and Timmy on in this fight!


  2. My best friend from high school is married to a many who was diagnosed with TYPE 1 Diabetes shortly after they were married. Like your husband’s family, it had been passed down for several generations. I can’t even imagine how hard it must to live with something like this. Your posts remind me to appreciate my good health!


  3. Yes he did…and what an amazing role model for the boys he is in his determination to face this head on! Love that he took something that he was born with, and fought hard to overcome!


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