Hospital Shenanigans

Let’s rewind our story just a little bit…. you see I have not properly introduced you to my other half.

No not Timmy… you know him, I am talking about Jackie’s amazing hubby!  His name is CJ.  You see  him and I share a similar sense of humor.

CJ stopped for coffee…. got me a cup! 20141218_052538Jackie wrote an amazing message for me and signed it Love your donor!

CJ and I learned a lot about waiting at in Loyola’s waiting room…..

You see they start by giving you a pager… just like at T.G.I.Fridays….


Then, you find out if you sit on the WRONG side of the waiting room you actually get in trouble!  Keep that in mind!  The old lady who looks very nice behind the counter will come and YELL at you to get to the right side of the room!  And let’s not forget if you decide to MOVE sits.  Yes CJ actually got in trouble because he moved sits in the same waiting area ….. they called his phone looking for him.  He nicely told them I am sitting right here in the waiting area…. Then they YELLED at him for not informing them of his move!

Besides the waiting area, they were many shenanigans that went on while Jackie and Timmy were waiting for their surgeries to start!  We had to keep them laughing!

But the best part was after the surgeries were finished, we both just sat in amazement restating “I can’t believe it worked.”

I am proud that CJ is my husband’s donor’s husband….. in short he is one of the greatest guys I know and I am proud to call him an amazing friend!  We are not bonded by a kidney, but we will always have a special bond…. you wouldn’t understand our shenanigans!

14005_10152468697777212_5601530092071071393_n[1] (2)LOVE YOU CJ! Hands up!



2 thoughts on “Hospital Shenanigans

  1. This is hilarious! The part about them yelling at him for switching seats is just priceless! I really love that you guys relieved the pressure and the anxiety of the waiting through laughter and shenanigans. It’s obvious you guys were all just destined to meet.

    Love the picture, too!

    Liked by 1 person

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