Liquid Gold! (Warning- may not like Photo!)

When you live with a kidney disease, and you are at risk of being placed on dialysis, all you really want to do is PEEEE.

Yes, you know that function that everyone needs to do.

Let’s just say that there were many tears after surgery, but the most flowed when I saw this:


Liquid Gold!!

That is what we call it in the kidney disease world!  The simple thing that most people take for granted…. now is like gold!

This was his first pee after his surgery, so we like to call it Jackie’s pee (even though we know the kidney was clean before they put it in!) – Well when Timmy woke up, he said look “Jackie’s pee!”  So since he was pretty well drugged up we let him to believe it might be hers!  LOL

He spent 2 days in ICU… and they finally let him go to a regular room!  He would have gone earlier, but there were none available!

Here he is taking his prize to his new room!

20141220_140818And… of course his batman cape!


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